Queens | Multi-Family Condominium Flooding

Prestige Plumbing Resolves Flooding Issues In Queens Multi-Family Condominium

At an eight-story condominium with approximately 180 apartments, the city storm sewer regularly backed up into the boiler room after heavy rains.

After studying the building’s underground piping system, Prestige Plumbing’s technical team devised a work plan for the Board’s approval. Men were assigned to saw cut, locate, excavate and replace sections of very deteriorated pipe and then to secure temporary flooring at the end of each day to minimize any inconvenience to the residents. All walls, floors and decorative finishes were protected with the installation of masonry panels.

In an attempt to further insure that the building would not be vulnerable to the onslaught of storm sewer surges from the city storm sewer, Prestige developed a system consisting of check valves, flow diverters and duplex pumps to redirect the surge water back to the storm main at a rate that precluded flooding the building. Despite the added scope the project remained on schedule and within budget.

The director of field operations supervised this job and was able to modify the system as needed.
The project was a success and the system has proven to be effective, even after the heavy rains from Super Storm Sandy.

Headquartered in Staten Island, New York, Prestige Plumbing & Heating, Inc. has been providing expert craftsmanship and mechanical solutions to the unique problems of the metropolitan tri-state area for more than ten years.

“Our on the job design-build modifications insured a successful outcome for our client.”


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April, 2013




Replacement of deteriorating pipes

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