Beech Hills Complex | Line Replacement

Prestige Plumbing Replaces Interconnecting Lines At Beech Hills Complex

Beech Hills is a cooperative garden apartment complex on 64 acres of property on the Queens/Nassau border.

In 2013 it was determined that the underground lines which supply the complex heat and hot water were corroded and in need of immediate repair. The hot water recirculating lines were failing as well.

Under the direction of a field supervisor with many years of experience, Prestige mechanics excavated to expose the steel lines which were installed circa 1958. They installed type 1L copper tubing, which has a longer life expectancy than steel. In addition, the new underground piping was encapsulated with Gilsulate insulation, which provides an increased “R” value, and is water repellent.

After the underground work was complete, Prestige was entrusted with the restoration of the areas in the community that were impacted. Prestige replaced the concrete sidewalks and curbs, and put down new asphalt where it was specified. The green areas were raked and seeded.

Despite the extensive work that was done and the size of the complex, residents were never without service for more than six hours. “The comfort and safety of these residents was a top priority,” stated the project supervisor. “The property manager was confident that we would make the modifications with as little disruption to the community as possible. We did not disappoint”.

Headquartered in Staten Island, NY, Prestige Plumbing & Heating Inc. has been providing expert craftsmanship and mechanical solutions to the metropolitan tri-state area for more than ten years.

“Service was down for less than six hours – the comfort of the residents was top priority.”


Beech Hills Complex



March 2014


Queens, NY



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