Contello Towers

Prestige Replaces Underground Heat And Hot Water Lines At Contello Towers

Contello Towers is a two building hi-rise complex containing 332 apartments. Located on Shore Parkway in Brooklyn, the complex was originally constructed in 1967.

In 2013 it was determined that the underground lines which supply the complex with steam heat and hot water were corroded and in need of immediate repair.

Contello Towers management hired another contractor to replace the damaged lines. After commencement of the job, the contractor apparently found the job to be beyond their capabilities and abandoned the job, leaving Contello Management with little time to spare before the heating season began.

Prestige Plumbing, hired as the new contractor, put together a dynamic plan to mobilize quickly and complete the job in time for the heating season. Working in cooperation with the building maintenance staff, Prestige coordinated shutdowns, excavation, insulation, backfill, and restoration. The underground 10” welded steam line was replaced, as well as the 3” condensate return line, the 6” ductile iron hot water supply line, and 2” copper hot water return line. Under the direction of Prestige management and labor, the job was completed within a three week time frame. The management at Contello Towers was very pleased to be prepared for the heating season well in advance, thanks to the efforts of the Prestige team.

Headquartered in Staten Island, NY, Prestige Plumbing & Heating Inc. has been providing expert craftsmanship and mechanical solutions to the metropolitan tri-state area for more than ten years.

“…devise a plan to repair the corroded underground steam line, prevent further damage.”


Contello Towers



August 2013


Brooklyn, NY


Project Coordination, Excavation, Insulation, Backfill +

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