Prestige replaces underground lines at Sea Gate, Brooklyn, NY

Community was badly impacted by Super Storm Sandy

Brooklyn, NY February, 2014 Sea Gate is a private, gated community located at the southwestern tip of Brooklyn, New York. The neighborhood was developed in the l890’s, with several prominent New York families owning homes there in the early days.

In October, 2012, Super Storm Sandy devastated Sea Gate, inundating it with ocean water. Many homes in the community were destroyed, while many others sustained significant damage. The battered seawall and crumbling underground systems left Sea Gate extremely vulnerable to additional flooding.

For two months, Prestige Plumbing and Heating, Inc. performed detailed video inspections of all six underground combination sanitary/storm sewers. Nearly five linear miles of pipe were examined. Using high pressure jetters, a vacuum truck, and other equipment, the sand and other storm debris were flushed from the lines and safely disposed of. Prestige developed classifications that would describe the extent of damage to a particular area, and identify the urgency with which it needed to be dealt. Using this system, the Community Board was easily able to prioritize the necessity of repair and reconstruction. Immediate repairs were performed on several 10” and 18” lines. Prestige also rebuilt 30 failed catch basins while maintaining operations and structural soundness.

The Sea Gate Board was able to present Prestige’s survey to FEMA for the purpose of obtaining funds to repair the community’s infrastructure. Headquartered in Staten Island, NY, Prestige Plumbing & Heating Inc. has been providing expert craftsmanship and mechanical solutions to the metropolitan tri-state area for more than ten years.